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Public Art Hong Kong (PAHK) is a non-profit organization funded by the Y.K.Pao Foundation with an aim to nurture and promote public art in Hong Kong. It was incorporated in 2005 with the Hong Kong Arts Centre as its executing organization. PAHK wishes to create an interactive relationship among the artwork, site and audience and intends to reflect public interests while featuring Hong Kong as a vibrant cultural city.



Public Art Hong Kong strives to enhance the quality of life of the people in Hong Kong by bringing excellent contemporary art that offers impactful experiences to the people and the cityscape.

PAHK - Infuse the city with art


  1. Art should be accessible to everyone rather than being confined within the walls of museums, galleries and private collections;
  2. To breathe life to public space and bring people of the community together, creating communal spirit and identity;
  3. To reflect the value of the society and its conscience of cultural development;
  4. To give opportunities to Hong Kong artists to think and create in terms of large space which otherwise is not feasible within their own small and confined studio;
  5. To showcase to the world that Hong Kong is not only thriving economically but also throbbing with artistic pursuits.

Board of Councillors


Ms. Cissy Pao,BBS (Chairperson)
Mrs. Candy Kotewall Chuang Ka Wai
The Hon Christopher Chung Shu-kun, BBS,MH,JP
Mr. Andre Fu
Mr. Keith Kerr, SBS, JP
Mr. Y.S. Daniel Lai
Ms. Shelley Lee Lai-kuen, GBS, OBE, JP
Dr. Michael W T Ng
Dr. Dennis Sun, BBS, JP
Ms. Angela Tam

Honorary Adviser: Ms. Shelley Lee Lai-kuen,GBS,OBE,JP
Artistic Consultant: Mr.Fumio Nanjo
Artistic Director: Ms. Cissy Pao, BBS
Hong Kong Arts Centre Executive Director: Ms. Rebecca Ip

How it works


Art Consultancy

Our consultants are experts in creating distinctive projects with you from start to finish, bringing art into your space, promoting public art in a diversified form.

Artwork Acquisition

We work closely with emerging artists in Hong Kong. Our consultants select original artworks based on your preference, coordinating the selection, acquisition, and installation of the artwork.

Artwork Commission

We enable you to experience the excitement of bringing an art concept to life. Our consultants work with you to commission artists to create an artwork that interacts visually with the environment of your space as well as your vision.

Docent Tours

Art education is important to us. Together with our partner we offer specially designed free docent tours for you to enjoy the artistic journey and behind-the-scene stories at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Playing with Space

We enjoy breathing life to public space and bring people of the community together; proactively, we commission talented artist to create new art for our space and interesting spaces in Hong Kong.


It is the insight, knowledge, together with experience that give us the expertise in curating public art projects that speak to the people and resonate with the contemporary.

Corporate projects

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Call for artists

Proposal Submissions

Executing Organization


Hong Kong Arts Centre

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Public Art Hong Kong
2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
(852) 2582 0200
[email protected]

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