For Corporates

To the artistically inclined:
Why PAHK and the partnership process

Joint Ventures


A.Corporate-initiated art project

Let's Meet

To meet your interest, artistic direction and timeline

The Proposal

Artist   / artwork selection

The Work

Artwork production

The Promotion

To celebrate artwork via our wide network

Support the art


B.Donate & Support

Let's Meet

To match mutual interest

The Method

Support us by donating money*, artwork or volunteering
*Donations are tax deductible.

Partnership with PAHK


Art for all

We proactively partner with a range of organizations to bring art to private and public spaces in Hong Kong.


Our consultants spark exclusive projects that weave your vision, artist talent and the site’s uniqueness to infuse your space with art.

Local & Global network

We are here to connect you with local and international artists! Our comprehensive database is well-connected to different art industries.

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Public Art Hong Kong
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