MTR Ho Man Tin Station
October 27, 2016 - Ongoing

Heung Kin-fung, Alex

“Between Nature and the City” @ MTR Kwun Tong Line Extension – Ho Man Tin Station

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The name “Ho Man Tin” reflects the agricultural history of the area surrounding the station, long before today’s modern housing and commercial developments. Streams from the surrounding hills to the east offered water for cultivation, the latter reflected in the area’s name last Chinese character, i.e. tin, 田, which means field. The “Ho” (何) and “Man” (文) part of the name are both Chinese surnames; so Ho Man Tin represents the agricultural land owned by the “Ho” and “Man”, the major families who took their residence around the area.

The artwork is inspired by the theme of “field”, something between nature and the city. It is relatively closer to nature when compared to the hustle and bustle of a city; meanwhile it is more closely related with development and modern agriculture when compared to the natural environment. The artwork shows a series of birds inhabiting a magnificent and harmonious environment within which the audience can see traces of local buildings and landmarks. “Between nature and the city” – this is a dream place to live.

About the artist


Heung Kin-fung, Alex, received his MFA & BA (Fine Art) degrees from RMIT University, Australia (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School). In addition to his work in painting, he is also an art educator and graphic designer. Layers, contrast and juxtaposition of images are important elements in Alex’s paintings. His works are often characterized by his poetic interpretation of human, urban and nature, in which the “animal subject” often behaves with human traits, casting a contrast and reflection to our understanding of what life depends upon.

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