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January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2013

Nathalie Decoster


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In our daily life, we all want to be perfect, and avoid exposing our fragilities. What makes human different and moving is the fragility it has, which we must accept. Eolus is the natural element of our environment that affects our life and destiny, like the plants, trees, wind, etc. The artwork is an illustration of the poetic and positive philosophy of the artist, whose only interest is the human condition.

By creating a poetic sight in the public space, a quiet scenery has been moved from the natural environment to our bustling and noisy urban surrounding. Thus, bring people into a dialogue with nature and suggests an awareness of the relationship between the natural environment and the material world.

This exhibition is part of Le French May 2012.

About the artist


Nathalie Decoster is a sculptor living in France since 1985. Decoster had numerous installations in public space, public institutions, museums and corporate offices, in which includes her solo exhibitions in different countries, such as the one in Brazil Sculpture Museum MUBE in 2011 and on the Avenue of Champs Elysées at Paris in 2008.

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