Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover Platform and Ground Transportation Centre Downramp North
July 6, 2017 - November 12, 2017

Theresa Lee Wai-Chun; Joseph Wong

Hong Kong Arts Centre at the Airport Encounter Hong Kong -The Art of Cheongsam

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What could possibly happen when comics meets cheongsam? While many Hong Kong comics have become classics for their excellent portraits of the changing times, cheongsam has also gained an iconic cultural status charting social changes. Putting together two iconic comics characters harbouring an intimate relationship with cheongsam, including Lee Wai-chun’s Miss 13 Dots and Ms. Chan in Joseph Wong’s Old Master Q, The exhibition hopes to illustrate the charisma of cheongsam through the artists’ brushstrokes as it searches for imbedded cultural messages via a brand new angle.

Exhibition period: 6 July – 12 Nov 2017

From 1300: A Day with 13 Dots
Venue: Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover Platform – Departure Level and Ground Transportation Centre Downramp North

13 Dots, the comic series featuring an iconic, trendsetting heroine of the same name, has been popular since the 1960s. The series showcases many stunning styles of cheongsam (qipao) from her vast wardrobe. The set of illustrations showcased here, created specifically for the Hong Kong International Airport, features a fresh set of cheongsam Miss 13 Dots dons on through her 8-hour day beginning at 1300.

Fashion flâneur
Venue: Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover Platform – Arrival Level and Ground Transportation Centre Downramp North

Ms. Chan is the protagonist of classical comics Old Master Q who is known for her iconic pink dot cheongsam. She sways through the city and time, and always in cheongsam. This group of artworks invites Ms. Chan to do another walk around Hong Kong to find out how she would interact now with our buzzing city.

The “Encounter Hong Kong: The Art of Cheongsam” is one of the programme celebrating the Comix Home Base’s 4th Anniversary.

About the artist


Theresa Lee Wai-chun
Renowned Hong Kong comics artist Theresa Lee Wai-chun has devoted herself to comics creation in 1960s. Her signature work 13 Dots, first published in 1966, was an acclaimed classic in Hong Kong and a pioneer in girls comics. The title was immensely popular not only within the city but also in other parts of the world from 1960s to 1980s. Female protagonist Miss 13 Dots who is independent, fashionable and righteous. She represents an ideal who challenges women’s submissive position in society at the time. The lovable heroine attracted a huge following from her endless collections of stylish outfits and modern lifestyle.

Joseph Wong
Professor Joseph Wong (a.k.a Wong Chak) inherited his father’s business and has been building it since 1995. His Father, who pen-named himself after him, created one of the city’s longest running comics series Old Master Q, which is loved by wide range of audiences. Thanks to its unique language and sense of humour, Wong promotes Old Master Q’s license globally with a modern interpretation of his father’s classic art form.

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