Quarry Bay Park (Near Lei King Wan Entrance)
June 29, 2011 - December 1, 2011

Cyrus Chung

Park Déco – “Branches”

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Titled Branches, the bench is designed like a spray of twigs, stretching out from the tree, demonstrating the vitality of the nature. Visitors are welcome to hang their belongings on the branch-like hooks while they rest. The LED light in the shape of a bird-cage represents nostalgia for local tradition, while also providing the Park with soft and delicate lighting.

Curatorial theme of “Park Déco”: Oasis along the Seashore

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has commissioned the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Public Art Hong Kong in bringing an innovative park furniture scheme to the Quarry Bay Park! Three sets of artistically designed furniture enliven the park’s ambience, highlighting the rhythms and vibrancy of nature. Their pleasing appearance attracts visitors while blending harmoniously into the environment. Through these interactions, the seashore scenery is enriched, creating an “oasis” in the city, a place comprising natural and artistic elements, in which people can take a rest and relax with joy.

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