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RE: Tai Kok Tsui

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RE: Tai Kok Tsui

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With the 6th round of the Urban Renewal Heritage Preservation and District Revitalisation Funding Scheme granted from the Urban Renewal Fund (URF), the Public Art Department at the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) presents the ‘RE: Tai Kok Tsui’ public art and community art project.

Tai Kok Tsui is the quintessential Hong Kong community that blends old traditions with new happenings. Over the decades, neighbours have come together to create a vibrant and decent living environment, fostering a sense of community and sharing collective experiences.

RE: Tai Kok Tsui encourages neighbours to make a slight turn and reimagine a new vision for an old district that embraces the curation of new living experiences. It provides an avenue for turning the past into a future that values sustainability, art, culture, and creativity.



Since the Project commenced in April 2023, the HKAC has been focusing on its research, preliminary study and groundwork, connecting various stakeholders and understanding the community to revitalise Tai Kok Tsui through different collaborations.

Temple Fair 01 Temple Fair 02 Focus Group Meeting 01 Focus Group Meeting 02



The HKAC launched the Open Call Competition in October 2023, it invites eligible architects, designers and artists to design a temporary pavilion, which will be an anchor programme in the overall ‘RE: Tai Kok Tsui’ public art and community art project. The competition seeks to foreground and support emerging ecologically conscious young designers. The site of the temporary pavilion (approximately for 1-year use) is initially proposed to be located in the open area north of Olympian City 2 (facing Cherry Street and Hoi Wang Road).

More information on the Open Call Competition for Pavilion could be found here.



Launched in late 2023, including 4 different series of workshops. Creative teams assembled by artists and community members to collaborate with local organisations and shops in Tai Kok Tsui to design and implement innovative programmes, turning imagination into tangible reality. The lab fosters an environment encouraging members to delve into the interplay between art and public spaces through observations, discussions, professional skill development, collaborative experiments, and localised trials. These endeavours are intended to establish a robust foundation of valuable insights and practical knowledge for forthcoming community art experiences.

Ten Cents Paper Zine 01 Ten Cents Paper Zine 02


‘Community Editorial and Writing Workshop’ one of the workshops in the Lab Series features editing, reporting, and writing for local publications, fostering a deeper connection with the community. Co-creating by the Lab Members, the first volume of a publication of ‘Ten Cents Paper Zine’ is launched in February 2024, sharing the captivating and inspiring stories of Tai Kok Tsui and its people.

Click here to find out how to redeem the ‘Ten Cents Paper Zine’.

‘Community Bookshelves’ is the programme that local stakeholders, Lab Members and artists co-create and tripartite collaborate in and for the Tai Kok Tsui community. There are 5 local organisations and shops that host one of our community bookshelves, a wide variety of reading interests as suggested by the programme participants. It inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges.

‘Night Street Photography Workshops’ and ‘Take a Walk in Dusk’ Tour encourage people to discover the beauty of Tai Kok Tsui. Its bustling energy, dynamic atmosphere, and vibes can differ greatly depending on the time of day.

Night Street Photography Workshops 01 Night Street Photography Workshops 02 Night Street Photography Workshops 03



‘Hok Hok Zaap Kok’ programme will be led by artists who co-create with residents and local organisations in workshops and an exhibition showcase, uniting the Tai Kok Tsui community through shared learning.
Hok Hok Zaap Kok 學學習角

‘Little Poems from Tai Kok Tsui’ workshop – Bring your notebook, pen, and a curious mind as you walk through Tai Kok Tsui, weaving stories and gathering inspiration for crafting little poems along the way. Merge your observations, memories, and imagination of Tai Kok Tsui to create these poetic pieces.


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