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January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013

Sim Chan


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“We always hope to see an infinite sky but our emotional status and personal viewpoints affect what we really see. The kite series, presented in an art installation, seems to be collecting pieces of the sky being viewed by different individuals. Kites containing sky images fly up to the sky illustrating the balance of dream and reality, which is also Chan’s exploration of human beings and space.”

About the artist


Sim Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1987 and graduated from Hong Kong Art School, majoring in Painting. Sim set up his studio in Fotan in 2007 and participated in the artist-in-residence program in Beijing in 2009. Sim’s works have been exhibited in different cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Thailand and Melbourne etc. Sim’s work is a tangible expression of the desire to unlock and blur boundaries of forms within the city. He has been depicting the local cityscape and the urban architecture intensively. Sim tries to explore the underneath correlations between people’s lifestyle and the changes made upon nature, which also reveals his pursuit of dream amid the struggles in reality.

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