Hong Kong Arts Centre
January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2013

Danny Lee Chin Fai

Urban Waterscape

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A variation of the Landscape series, this work is about the incessant cycles of life and the myriad of interdependent relationships in nature. The pity is that we often forget we are part of the natural world. Derived from the concept of three-dimensional papercutting, the work tries to capture the movement of flowing water by simulating silhouettes of waves and ripples. Two different materials, stainless steel and iron, are used to present a striking contrast. The fluid form of the sculpture, the reflective quality of the material and the stunting visual effect of the silvery surface combined as one is reminiscent of ripples on water surface and forms an interesting and welcoming urban waterscape. By creating a poetic sight in the public space, a quiet scenery has been moved from the natural environment to our bustling and noisy urban surrounding. Thus, it brings people into a dialogue with nature and suggests an awareness of the relationship between the natural environment and the material world.

About the artist


Danny Lee is a renowned local sculptor. His works have been exhibited locally and internationally, and attracted numerous public art commissions, including the sculpture for Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian Venue and Nam Cheong MTR Station, etc. His works are widely collected by individuals and groups including the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Housing Department, Airport Authority Hong Kong and Hospital Authority, etc.

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